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How to Loos Weight in 8 days at Home

How to Loos Weight in 8 days at Home1



We all need to invariably look beautiful. There is a unit many ways to realize this. Within the summer to urge in the form helps Pine Tree State effective and delicious eight-day diet, with all these you can weight loss at home.

How to Loos Weight in 8 days at Home

First day — vegetable. Cucumber isn’t food, however rather the illusion of food. But, together with oil and plenty of recent greens cucumbers offer a sense of satiation for many hours, clean the intestines, kidneys, normalizes water-salt balance, stimulate metabolism, cleanse the skin and also the joints.

1. The required quantity of cucumbers — two kilo.

2. Cucumbers and greens, unfold on 4-5 receptions.

3. Eat vegetables while not salt.

4. To the dish add unrefined oil one tablespoons per day.

5. Tea or low drink while not sugar, solely within the morning. Afternoon and evening drink pure water or tea leaf.

Second day — fruit. In June, a fruit day you’ll pay with cherries. It contains massive amounts of minerals (potassium, calcium, magnesium, iron, copper, manganese, iodine, phosphorus) and vitamins C, PP, B1, B3, B6, E, K — all this makes cherry is extraordinarily helpful. It improves metabolism, promotes supermolecule synthesis, stimulates the liver, heart, brain, strengthens the processes of respiration and cell renewal, and clears the organism from a harmful product of metabolism and excess sterol.

1. Apply 1-1, 5 kilo sweet cherries and unfold on 4-5 receptions, a giant a part of decay lunch.

2. If the evening can feel hungry, you’ll drink a glass of low-fat yogurt or to eat natural yogurt (without fruit additives).

3. Drinks eat constant vegetable day.

Day three: berry. Beauty strawberry is taken into account to be the most bearer of the minerals: iron, magnesium, potassium, calcium, phosphorus, zinc, manganese, Si and copper. Strawberries area unit made in vitamins, organic acids and oxidants. Thanks to its composition, this magic berry slows down the aging method, helps with diseases of the ductless gland, liver, kidney, heart, blood vessels, and joints, helpful for lithiasis. It well cleanses the body, stimulates metabolism that promotes fast weight loss.


1. Apply 1-1, 5 kilo of strawberries for 4-5 receptions, a giant a part of decay lunch.

2. Within the evening you’ll drink a glass of milk, low-fat kefir or eat organic yogurt.

3. Drinks throughout the day use constantly as in previous days.

Day four — hard. Within the morning you’ll drink tea or low while not sugar. Next — choose some nonsweet hard milk drink (1.5–2 liters) and drink it throughout the day in 5-6 receptions. If the evening very feels hungry, you’ll afford a touch (to a hundred g) low-fat cheese.

Day Five — vegetable. As on a primary day, eat solely vegetables, solely a “hero of the day” will build a young carrot, cabbage, turnip, zucchini or pumpkin.

Day Sixth — fruit. Morning tea or low while not sugar, then you’ll eat any berries and fruits up to two kilos per day. Drink water or tea pro re nata.

Day Seventh — is juice. Maybe a juice daily is that the toughest. Ideally, you would like to drink some freshly created fruit or berry juice (up to two liters) and zip else! If too tough to drink juices, you’ll deviate from ideal variant and replace the juices with tea. Up to fifteen hours of the day to drink tea leaf with milk and honey, then tea leaf with honey.

Day Eight — out of the diet. On at the moment, you must eat easily: salads, dish on the water, soup, a touch soured cream, cornbread, and one dish.

Berries and fruits drink optional. If once the diet you’ll be ready to limit or totally exclude confectionery and sausage product, to renounce of light bread, sugar, canned and cooked foods, over the summer can lose an honest quantity of additional pounds.

Spend a “summer diet” will everybody UN agency doesn’t have diseases of the digestive tract and in consultation with the doctor.

Source: magazine “family doctor”


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