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What All Do You Need To Know About Aquaguard AMC Contract?

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With the idea of buying a new water purification system for your personal use, a lot of confusions is likely to come up. The prime reason for all this confusion is the full range of options available in the market. Among all the famous companies selling varieties of purification units, Aquaguard has been the leading one due to high-end customer service and getting AMC for Aquaguard is quite easy.

There are several companies which offer service in this field, making it a daunting task to opt for the perfect water purifier suiting to your needs. However, as buying a water purifier is considered as a long term investment, the buyer needs to flip through several sides. A water purifier may require a considerable budget initially but should give back long term profit to the user too.

Aquaguard, a flagship company of Eureka Forbes, had been serving the community over past several years with its high-quality services and satisfactory customer services. The water purifiers are of standard quality utilizing modern techniques and technology to provide clean and purified water to the users.

Apart from the standard quality of the purifying units, the company has also put in an impactful effort in designing portals to reveal all the necessary information to their customers regarding the AMC contract and the various plans related to it.

The information provided to the customers and the service seekers include a detailed description of the AMC contract along with Aquaguard AMC charges. Apart from revealing information about the AMC, the company’s portal also provides a brief highlight about the products and their specifications making it quite easy for the interested leads to go through the range of products based on their budget.

What are the things you need to check before investing?

Well, before investing in a product, there are a series of factors which you need to consider and clarify. As a responsible buyer, the choice for a product should not be based only on the factor of technology and the process of purification. There are several other parameters which one needs to look into before making the final purchase, including:

  • The specification and remarkable features of the purification system.
  • The certification of the product
  • Check if the material of the product body of safe and standardized for the organization
  • The past reviews of the product
  • The average return of the water purifying unit in terms of usability
  • The price of the water purification system

At Aquaguard, we provide a transparent platform to the customers to look, verify and then choose the right product meeting to the requirements. Apart from that, the variety of water purifiers provided from our end is enormous, allowing the customers to select the ideal product from the range without much hassle. Apart from providing a wide range of choice, Eureka Forbes Aquaguard puts forward a straightforward and time-saving AMC procedure.

The service does not follow any typical lengthy procedures, and the rate charts are quite easy to follow. Also, the rates of AMC charges for Aquaguard are comparatively low if compared with other companies in this field.

What is AMC?

The annual maintenance contract of Aquaguard is a yearly based maintenance contract for all kinds of water purifiers. The deal is created between the customer and the manufacturer of the product having a fixed AMC charge. The contract specifies the kind of regular maintenance and servicing, which will be covered in the AMC cost.

The contract gets fixed for one year, charging a minimum cost of rupees 1000 per year along with the charge of the spare parts if required during the servicing. There are various types of contract available, some of which even includes the servicing of the spare parts too. The cost varies based on the number and type of service; the user is availing for the purification unit.

What Is AMC So Important?

To deal with issues like breakdown, having an AMC becomes a vital thing. So, signing in for Aquaguard Maintenance Cost is essential before moving ahead with the idea of buying a water purifier. Well, before dodging deep into the concept of AMC, you need to understand that what all does an Aquaguard RO AMC provide.

  • It assures that the product will work efficiently. The main objective of AMC is to provide safety to the water purifier and keep the user away from the last-minute rush to find an able technician in case of the water purifier breaks down.
  • You can easily skip the hassle of going in for lengthy procedures of AMC as Aquaguard provides secure online AMC options too.
  • The AMC covers three free services of the product. It also provides free replacement of the consumable parts of the purifier. As the AMC is done meeting to several terms and conditions, the maintenance procedure becomes much more comfortable and compact.

In short, it can be said that the AMC is an annual maintenance contract which includes the cost of servicing of the damaged part of the product and the other consumable items in the list most natural manner possible. Registering for an AMC is considered as the right choice for the customer as it keeps back the hassle of searching and waiting for a technician to get your system work efficiently.



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