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Create Cute Save the Dates: Things to Consider

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A wedding invitation is one of the first things your guests, family members, and friends will get. Therefore it should depict your excitement for the wedding. Many of your family Waiting for the wedding cards, but do you think that one should always order the wedding cards? See, the wedding card designers will only design a single pattern or design and make several copies. So why not make a few cute save the dates and explore yourself? It will be a fun activity. All you need to do is consider all the necessary things which can either make or break this. 

To be honest, it is pretty simple for all of us. Mainly because we all have seen the contemporary wedding invitations and save the dates. There is nothing new, however the only unique thing that will be the most prominent aspect of the customized DIY save the date will be your design and the theme you choose for the card.

Things you should know before planning a DIY wedding invitation card

Many people think that it is pretty impossible to design a professional wedding invitation card. Trust us creating save the dates are not that difficult.

However, there are a few things that you need to consider before you set to create a save the date.  Now you must be wondering what are these, calm down these are the simple things that we already know. It’s just that people tend to ignore them while designing. so you better be careful.

The date, of course

So the first thing is the day you shouldn’t be mentioning the date like you mention in your diary.

Your wedding card is not a receipt. Therefore, the date must be written read the name of the month, thought add the chances of confusion should be minimal. That’s how you save people from wasting their time and yours too.

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The font style

Yes the phone styles matter a lot. One shouldn’t try to make the save the dates very unique, even if someone wants to make it a bit different he should choose a font that is comprehensible.

Keep in mind that the guests would never let you know if they find it difficult to read whatever is written in the invitation. It would be pretty rude to send such save the dates, so it is up to you to choose a font which is understandable. It doesn’t mean that you can’t be unique with the design.

The color scheme

Colours play a very crucial role when you are designing an invitation card. most of the times people don’t pay heed on the colour scheme. Obviously, you will be using different colours for the card but they shouldn’t be too similar. Otherwise, one colour would conceal the other.

The best colour palette for a save the date invitation will be with contrasting colours. For instance, the background colour can be a bit lighter, While the text can be darker. It will make the text and the details on the card prominent. 

Choose the right software

Software and tools have made it pretty easy to design a wedding invitation card all one have to do is select the right software having all those tools that will be required for the planned design.

In most cases it can be Adobe Photoshop or Canva. However these are not the last and only option, you can search among the many others.

Many software would require you to pay some amount which is fine but if you are doing it in a budget then you can go for the free versions too. 

Decide the theme

To create an amazing wedding postcard it is pretty important to select a theme. It will depend on various factors and the most primary one would be the type of wedding. For instance, If it is a destination wedding then you can have the pictures of the venue as your wedding postcard.

Similarly, if there are a lot of events then you can have various small sections in the wedding card.

Those who want to keep it a bit creative can go for a of them and their partner. there are many ideas and designs and one can note tell you which one would suit your wedding. So it is entirely up to you. 

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