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How Blogging Can Help Grow Your Solar Business?

How Blogging Can Help Grow Your Solar Business


If you have just created your solar business website, your next goal would be getting huge footfall on it right? However, attracting visitors to your site is very challenging when a countless number of websites are trying to achieve the same goal. Creating and publishing blogs is among the finest ways to lure people in and multiply the conversion rate. Learn how!

More than 409 million people view over 20 billion web pages every month and 77% of users read blogs on the internet. This indicates that solar businesses that publish blogs regularly have a higher chance of getting stronger results than those that do not. 

Blogging is one of the content marketing tools that solar companies can use to enhance their website visibility in search engine results. For solar businesses, blogging is all about creating top-notch content about solar products and services offered and luring prospects.

In this post, we will enlighten you with all the top blogging benefits that a solar company can reap and how it helps your business to grow. 

Let’s understand all about this vital marketing tool! 

But first, let’s take a look at the importance of solar blogs for companies. 

Solar Blogs: Importance and Key Role in Increasing Traffic and Profitability 

Importance and Key Role in Increasing Traffic and Profitability 

Many SEO (search engine optimization) experts realize that businesses with relevant blogs enjoy more website traffic, have higher conversion rates, have good visibility in search engines, and much more. 

SEO for solar companies is the lifeblood. But! Why are solar blogs important? Here are some advantages of solar blogging for businesses offering green energy services to their clients.

Solar Blogs Attract Traffic

No matter how many innovative SEO strategies you are utilizing, content is still regarded as king. Regular blogging adds more content to your solar website which is great for indexing in Google, Bing, and Yahoo. A website with over 100 pages of content comparatively gets more traffic than a site with 10 or 20 pages.

Make your blogs useful and valuable for your prospects as they attract backlinks from relevant sites. These links pointing to your solar website create more paths for visitors to find you. Using the right set of keywords and phrases, you can craft high-quality content that can give you an edge over the competition and generate more solar leads.

Solar Blogs Retain Traffic

In most cases, your website visitors will either reach out to you for a solar quote or leave the site. After navigating through your product pages, terms and conditions, services offered, about us, etc., there should be more things to engage your visitors on your site. Here, solar blogs can help you retain your website traffic for long.

If you have blogs on your website that educate your visitors they will browse, comment, and most importantly stay on your site. Also, if they find your blogs insightful and see that you post them regularly, they will surely return to check in more content. This practice will not only increase your sales overnight but also increase the chance of regular readers converting as your clients.

Solar Blogs Educate Customers  

Despite green energy being super beneficial for homeowners and businesses, people still have misconceptions about solar panels and their installation. Many think that solar energy is not powerful enough to provide energy to a house, some think it is too expensive, and others say that solar energy is unreliable. 

You need to clear up these misunderstandings about solar energy. You cannot do this by reaching every person and resolving their query. However, blogging can help you educate all types of customers (well-informed or unfamiliar with solar) about the benefits of renewable energy. Your solar blog can address all the concerns of your potential customers and tell about your services without a sales pitch. 

Solar Blogs Establishes Trustworthiness

Trust is the major aspect that drives solar purchase decisions. Due to the high cost involved in solar projects, people shop around and explore the best options for solar panel installation at their property. Here, a reliable brand receives more consideration than one which is not. Whether you sell residential or commercial solar systems, publishing blogs can make you a renowned name in the market.

Solar blogs can help you establish the credibility of your company. Blogging might not drive results overnight, but it always works. You have to be very patient as the transition is not quick. But this marketing tool can make your solar brand recognizable in the market in real.

Solar Blogs Increase Sales Without Pitch

Blogging is one of the great ways to persuade your prospective clients to learn more about your solar products and services. Depending on the topic of your solar blog, you can include links to special solar offers, lead generation forms, links to similar posts, contact us, and more.

In short, frequent blogging can increase your solar sales without pitching for it. Relevant and educational content not only educates your customers about solar energy but also works towards increasing your sales. 

07 Top Benefits of Blogging for Solar Businesses 

Benefits of Blogging

Now you must have understood how solar blogs can help you increase your website traffic and help establish credibility for your solar business. Let’s take a quick look at the top benefits of blogging for a business

1. Boost SEO

You are aware of the fact that good search engine rankings can drive success to your solar business. Many solar businesses fail to understand the reason for not ranking well on search engines despite innumerable marketing efforts

No matter how well your content is crafted and packed with relevant keywords, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you will rank at the top of search results. This is because the authority of your content plays a big role in Google search rankings. To do that, you will require a lot of links from relevant pages of other websites. 

Here, solar blogs with links from high authority and relevant websites can help you boost your SEO efforts. People who are interested in solar will read and share your content in bulk organically which again works for better rankings. 

2. Builds Company Voice and Brand

Nowadays, most businesses put a lot of emphasis on branding in marketing. They make efforts to make the brand memorable with a good tone of the copy, images, look, and feel of the website. However, they often forget one of the most important ways of building a brand and company voice i.e. blogging. 

Blogging can greatly help your solar business to develop its brand and grow your company. The writing style of the blog, the information that you are offering through it, and the layout are all aspects of building your company’s voice and brand. 

3. Showcase Your Expertise in the Field

Whether you are offering residential PV systems or commercial solar panels, you need to project yourself as an expert in your field. Blogging can help you showcase your expertise in solar. You can share the entire solar installation process that your company follows in a project. You can also include pictures of before and after project completion to gain the trust of your customers.

You can include a FAQ section in your blog that answers all the likely questions of your prospective customers. This also helps you to provide quick answers to questions that are generally put on Google’s search tab.

Blogging can help you demonstrate your expertise in solar installation and related services. A well-written solar blog can help you reach potential customers and persuade them to choose you over your competitors. This also builds your reputation as a thought leader in the solar industry which boosts your credibility. 

4. Increase Inbound Traffic

Research has shown that online businesses that frequently post blogs get 5 times more traffic than those who don’t do it at all. If you regularly post quality solar blogs on your site, other relevant websites will be interested in linking back to your web posts. These links will take the visitors to your website who are interested in solar. 

Nearly 60% of businesses that post frequent blogs acquire more customers than those who don’t do it at all. Frequent blogging on your website can help you gain relevant links which help you gain more traffic. This helps you increase your conversion rate as people who visit your website are those who are keen on solar energy and are more likely to purchase from you. 

5. Repurposing Is Easy

Blogging is more than just publishing the content, it is your investment in content, authority, and knowledge. Once you post an insightful blog on your site, you can use and convert it to different types of content and media. In other words, your blog can be repurposed and can be used to reach different demographics and audiences at different times and locations. 

A blog post can be converted into a script that be used for an audio post or even as a podcast. Once a blog is transformed into audio or animation, you can convert it into a video for YouTube. You can also use this script in an infographic or slideshow. Therefore, creating and publishing a blog is not just a piece of content but a useful resource.  

6. Provides Social Media content

Every marketeer realizes the power of social media to reach countless customers at once. About 4.8 billion people are social media users across the globe. This number shows the boundless potential of advertising your solar services on different social media platforms. These platforms are excellent ways to reach and capture new solar leads.

When you post content on social media channels, you can add a link to the website. In addition, promoting blog content is way easier than landing pages or product pages. As the blog is more informative and relevant, there are higher chances of getting it shared. When you post each blog, you unlock the opportunity to share its link on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, and more.

7. Lead Generation 

Solar blogs are a great source of generating leads. Many research state that blogging is one of the effective methods to generate leads for any business. With regular posting of informative content, you give people a reason to visit your website. Once they start visiting your site to read different blogs on solar, they learn more about your business. This way they start building trust in your brand and whenever they decide to go solar, they definitely choose you for the project.

Also, you can incentivize your visitors and persuade them to convert into paying customers. For this, you need to add relevant calls to action throughout the blog posts. This can be a signup suggestion for email newsletters to get more informative content straight to the inbox. You can also ask your visitors to fill out the form to get direct access to exclusive content. This not only generates solar leads but also shows your expertise in the field.

The Bottomline

Blogging is one valuable aspect of marketing that is prioritized by 53% of marketers.

Informative solar blogs can answer questions of your potential customers which makes them keep coming to your website. Relevant and insightful solar blogs are one of the vital marketing tools for your solar business that can drive strong results. Blogging is also among the most cost-effective strategies to get positive results in the long run. 

Through blogging, you can engage your prospects and reinforce your relationship with them. This effective marketing tool is capable of driving huge traffic to your solar website and multiplying your conversion rate.

By now, you must have understood the top benefits of blogging for a solar business. If you haven’t leveraged this fruitful tactic to grow your sales, you can start today. Start publishing informative and relevant solar blogs and outrank your competitors easily!

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