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The Latest Wedding Dress Trends

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The Latest Wedding Dress Trends



Wedding dress trends are always changing and evolving. In this day and age, brides are finding new ways to add their own personality and flair to their big day events. Some are choosing to wear more than one dress, transforming their look after walking down the aisle. Others are sticking with a single dress, but they’re really letting today’s style shine through.


The average cost of a wedding dress today is around $1,050 with some paying under $120 and others paying over $2,600. What you find will have to do with your budget, preferences, wedding theme, and more. Here are the latest wedding dress trends to spark your search.

1.Royal Wedding Inspired

The royal wedding was so recent that it’s still a major source of inspiration for today’s brides. Meghan Markle’s style is seen all over bridal fashion. Picture flowing dresses, traditional cuts, and regal accessories. If you’ve ever thought of wearing a tiara on your wedding day, now’s the perfect time to do so. Who doesn’t want to feel a bit like a princess?

2.Wedding Jumpsuits

This might seem a bit trendy for many brides, but it’s just what many people are looking for. Who said the bridal party had to wear dresses? It’s 2019, and jumpsuits are here to stay. Wedding jumpsuits are quickly becoming the new normal for trend-setting brides, and these chic outfits are a popular choice.

If you’re not sure you can rock a jumpsuit or pantsuit when you say “I do,” consider changing into your jumpsuit look for the reception or after-party. This gives you a bit of a best of bost worlds compromise. Plus, pants are always a comfortable choice!

3.Beige and White


The new is replacing the old, and white gowns are becoming a thing of the past. This is a trend we’re all excited to see coming since we have to admit the all-white trend was very limiting. Today, brides are embracing a new favourite shade: beige.

From beige and white accents to all-beige ensembles, this gown combination looks much more stylish than you think. It’s classic enough to look beautiful with any skin tone, but it offers something new for brides of all ages.

4.Sheer and Mirrored

It’s all about the glimmer and shines in 2019. Imagine sheer, gossamer tulles, chiffons, and satins. We’re seeing these and more. You want to shine bright on your big day, so why not wear some uniquely embellished designed that pop out. Featuring shades of silver, chrome, and mirrored accents, this is definitely an elevated way to bring out your inner trendsetter.

5.Bold Sleeves

Last but not least, say hello to bold sleeves. Sleeves were making a comeback in a big way at recent fashion shows, and they’re impacting the wedding world as well. Traditionally, large sleeves have been used to add coverage to the bridal gown. Today, we’re thinking a bit more outside-the-box.

With jewelled sleeves, detachable sleeve, and puff sleeves, there’s no such thing as ordinary. It’s all about showing off your style and catching eyes as you walk down the aisle.

Are you ready to rock the aisle on your big day? Make sure you’re taking the latest trends into account before you go shopping for the best dress. You’ll want to say yes to the bridal gown that reflects who you are and what you want to say on your wedding day. These trends above will help you do that and more.


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