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What Serum is Best for Fine Lines and Wrinkles?


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What Serum is Best for Fine Lines and Wrinkles?



If everyone had their way, we would stay young forever. As we age, the body begins to change, including the skin. Once fine lines and wrinkles start to show up, it seems we will do anything we can to look young again. Are there products that really work to provide anti-ageing capabilities? Serums are a great way to tackle ageing issues, with Matrixyl being one of the most highly recommended products. This Timeless serum can easily be integrated into your skin care regimen to see results in how your skin looks as well as how it feels.

Getting to know Matrixyl

So, what is matrixyl? What can it do for the skin? Timeless skincare provides a Matrixyl 3000 serum that is considered the best of the best when it comes to anti-ageing needs. The product includes Matrikines which are an anti-wrinkle complex. This complex helps to reverse the signs of ageing.
Getting to know Matrixyl
When using this product, the components will teach the skin to act young again. Cutaneous photodamage is reduced as the network of the papillary dermis is restructured. The product includes hyaluronic acid so that the benefits of the serum is increased, including additional moisturization.

Many people think that surgery or other treatments like Botox are the way to go when it comes to anti-ageing. However, with matrixyl serum, you can easily apply a product that can have the same effect, but without the added cost or invasiveness.

Tie in a Dermaroller

Once you begin using matrixyl serum, it is beneficial to use a derma roller from time to time to help the skin build collagen and fight the signs of ageing. The best dermaroller is one that is easy to use and will work best for your skin. In general, for home use, a derma roller should be 0.5mm in size or 1.0mm. This is referring to the microneedle size of the tool.

A derma roller has a handle on one end and a roller with microneedles on the other. You are to gently roll the tool over a cleanly washed face to create craters in the skin. These small openings will trigger the repair response of the skin which helps to generate collagen.

As we age, collagen is no longer produced. This is why the skin begins to droop and sag. By using a derma roller, you are teaching the skin to repair itself and bring back the much-needed collagen to fight the signs of ageing.

After you use a derma roller, you can then apply the matrixyl serum. The craters help to soak in the serum, which provides essential benefits to the skin. It is recommended that a derma roller only be used once or twice a month. The skin needs time to heal in between each treatment.

If you have fine lines and wrinkles, give matrixyl a try. Consider using a derma roller as well to see how your skin will change, showing fewer signs of ageing long-term. After continual use, you will clearly see that your skin is looking and feeling better than ever before!

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