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What Is The Best Leather For Motorcycle Jackets

Leather For Motorcycle Jackets 1


If you ride a motorcycle or consider owning one, a leather jacket is the best bet to keep you safe and warm. 

Imagine rushing down the road, the wind hitting hard against you, adrenaline rushing in your blood coursing through all your parts. An increase in the speed of the cycle and poof, a small mistake cost you all skidding against the pavement and your body getting plummet onto the hard surface. 

Ouch, that sounds terrific. It reminds you of your kid days when you hurt your knee against the stairs. 

Well, getting a good leather jacket will help in avoiding any of these; either the physical hurt or the emotional trauma having an accident can cause. And you can get the perfect mens concealed carry jackets here.

The best leather for a motorcycle jacket 

To be fair, the word best is subjective in this sense as it requires some conditions which can vary individually. Hence, why you need to consider the usage of the jacket. 

These criteria will enable you to choose the best motorcycle jacket for yourself. 

Jacket style 

The first thing to consider is the jacket style;

Casual jackets 

Leather For Motorcycle Jackets 2

The casual jacket looks good on every road biker while it also can come with the options of vents that will make you cool in summer. These types of jackets are comfortably loose but not too loose on the body and support a more upright riding position. 

Sport Jackets 

Sport jackets are mostly suitable for high-speed racing and track days. They often come with pre-curved arms which helps in reducing fatigue while riding. Some are even fitted with race humps making it unbearable to wear when not racing.  These types of leather jackets conform to your body when you ride your bike and are designed to be more comfortable when you’re in a riding position as said earlier. 

And also, it has more reinforcement included for the impact thus providing greater protection during impact. 

Touring Jackets

Touring jackets are the most adaptable jackets ever found and are protective in any weather condition. Also, they have plenty of pockets’ space for storage and can be wear for a very long time. 

If you are the adventure type of rider, this jacket will protect you from environmental elements and off-road hazards that you may come across while riding.

Cafe Racer Jackets

Cafe Racer Jackets

Cafe racer jackets are duly made for cafe racers’ bikes due to the compact structure of the bikes. They have simple lines, fewer pockets, and very classic color. They are mostly suitable for an upright riding position and ensure flexibility and comfort when riding. 


The next thing you must consider when picking a leather jacket is the quality of materials used. While this may seem immaterial in comparison with the choice of style. It is very important as this will decide how protective the jacket will be during an impact. Top of the list is animal hides of which are gotten from kangaroo, deer, cowhides e.t.c.

Also, you should consider the quality of sewing, zipping and color quality do matters as well. 

Best quality jackets will have their seams on the outside and not inside. And also, the back and front parts of the leather must be one single leather. Having different layers of leathers stitched together can be fatal as they can burst or get ripped easily. 

The last thing to consider here is the zippers. Best quality jackets have zippers that are covered with an additional layer of fabric. This helps protect the zippers’ moisture and damages and you, from injury. 

Bottom line

Though the price may also be a factor in determining the best quality leather jacket, but then, how much is a few bucks in comparison to the level of comfort, fitting, and structure you will likely be enjoying while riding your motorcycle. 

Carefully consider all the above-discussed points before choosing the best-fit leather for motorcycle jackets.

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